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Guidelines and information material

Austrian Guidelines for Outdoor Lighting

Film Light in Harmony with Human and Nature: two examples of how the Austrian guideline can look in real life.

Dark Sky Planning: Guidance and Best Practices. An Introduction for Local Leaders.

EUROBATS Guidelines for considerations of bats in lighting projects

Earth at Night. NASA publication on nocturnal light on earth with pictures of natural and artificial lights.

Online Maps

Light Pollution Map: This website shows maps of sky brightness starting in 2014 based on VIIRS satellite measurements. It also includes data of the light pollution world atlas by Fabio Falchi and colleagues and SQM measurements by numerous volunteers. You can upload your own SQM measurements.

Are the Stars out Tonight?A story map with many pictures, graphs and - most important - maps of dark sky places around the world.

Esri StoryMap on where have lights been switched off or on between 2012 and 2016